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ALTA ENGINEERING, LTD. is a licensed and insured professional corporation,established in 1987, designed to provide complete Structural Engineering services to andfor the construction industry. These services range from conceptual through final designand field observation. ALTA ENGINEERING, LTD. employs the use of the latest intechnology, software and tools to provide solid structural engineering solutions and deliverefficient structural systems. These tools include the use of traditional 2D CAD packagesand cutting edge 3D building information modeling, using Revit Structure.


In addition to its licensed principal, ALTA ENGINEERING, LTD. maintains a support staffof engineers and designers with experience in

the structural design field dating to 1973.ALTA ENGINEERING, LTD. provides Structural Engi­neering services to Architects andOwners

with major emphasis on educational, municipal and industrial buildings, utilizing avariety of structural support systems and materials. Conventional building types, rangingfrom single family residences to forty (40) story hi‐rise buildings, as well as designs ofspecialty or unusual structures are within our expertise.


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residential to commercial properties.


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